Jeevan Anand Table 149

Note: This plan has been withdrawn by LIC and re-launched as new Jeevan Anand Table 815 with few minor changes.

LIC Jeevan Anand policy is best plan from LIC India. This plan is a solid combination of savings and risk cover. Last several years bonus and guarantee of lifetime risk cover make this plan different from others. This policy has also double benefit of accidental death benefits up to 5 lacs and 70 years of age.
Below are the features if this policy:

  • Lifetime risk cover
  • Double accidental cover (up to 5 Lacs and till 70 years)
  • Income Tax benefits on premium payment under 80 C
  • Income Tax benefit under 10 (10 D) on maturity received
  • Bonus declaration every year
  • Minimum term of 5 years
  • Risk cover continues even after maturity payment
  • pay premium yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly
  • Loan available after 3 years of premium payment
  • Guaranteed surrender value after 3 years premium payment
  • Start with SUM assured of just 1 Lac Rupees
Lets have a detailed look at benefits:

Death Benefits:

Jeevan Anand offers life time risk cover and double accidental death benefits. In case of death during the selected term under table 149 will be basic SUM assured and vested bonuses in lump sum.
In case of death after selected term nominee will receive an amount equal to one basic sum assured.
In case of death due to accident till 70 years, nominee will receive double of basic SUM assured (subject up to 5 Lacs SUM assured).

Maturity Benefits:

Maturity received at the end of selected term will be SUM assured + vested bonus. vested bonus will be depending upon corporation business profit. LIC India declared every year bonus per unit. Same can be calculated one unit on each 1000 of SUM assured.
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Surrender Value:

Jeevan Anand policy promises guaranteed surrender value of 30% of total premium paid excluding first year premium and extra premium. Policy should be at least in force for 3 or more years.

Tax Benefits:

Premium paid in table 149 is income tax excepted under 80 C and maturity amount received under section 10 (10D).

Other Benefits:

Other than the benefits listed above, you can avail loan against Jeevan Anand policy. Extra benefits can be taken with additional premium payment. Premium can be paid Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly.
With Life Insurance policy from LIC, candidates are available with bonus benefits. In this regard, this plan is considered as profit plan which offer you bonus such as simple Reversionary Bonuses and Final (Additional) Bonus for the limited amount of period. Thus, ensure for collecting useful advantages from this policy for sure.